How many blogs or websites do you have to start before it might be considered an illness…or obsession? I’m on number five.

My name is Kayla Lords. I’m a sex blogger, freelance writer who writes about sex (aka a smutlancer), a podcaster, a vlogger, and a kinky woman.

This site is a side project and a bit of a challenge.

Over at The Smutlancer, you’ll learn everything I know about writing and creating content about sex AND getting paid to do it. I don’t know it all, but I’m happy to share what I’ve figured out since becoming a freelancer in 2014.

But this space is different…and special.

Instead of telling you how to do something, defining important terms, or doing my best to instill professionalism in the sex writing business, I’m here to muse. To think. To talk about the mundane and the momentous as a smutlancer.

Will I write every day? I hope so…these are daily thoughts and musings. But for the HOW and the WHY and the WHAT, you’ll want to go to TheSmutlancer.com. Here is my space to figure out what I think about the smutlancer life. Hopefully, in the process, it’ll help you figure out what you think about it, too.

Where else can you find me? Plenty of places (all very sexual, NSFW, and kinky AF):


Loving BDSM (podcast and website)

Masturbation Monday (a sex blogging meme)