Giving myself permission

I have to give myself permission…

To rest. To say no to an opportunity. To not do anything.

The thought process in my mind is direct and deliberate.

“You don’t have to write a blog post this week.”

“You’re allowed to take a day off.”

“You don’t have to say yes just because someone asked.”

“You’re under no obligation to answer that email.”

“It’s okay. The people who matter won’t mind. The people who mind don’t matter (as much as you (or they) think they do). People understand. I give you permission.”

And in doing so, the desire to do things opens back up. Knowing it’s okay if I don’t write, publish, follow plans, work towards goals — it makes me want to do exactly that. Because it stops being an obligation and goes back to being a choice. All I needed was permission to feel it again.

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