A perfectly acceptable reason

What do you do when the words aren’t there? I often just wait for them to arrive, but like all worthy, good, and wanted things, they never get here at the right time. They pop into my head fully formed, beating a drum inside my brain, craving attention. And when I tell myself I’ll get to it later, they pack up and wander off.

So sometimes I have to stare at a blank screen and start typing whatever random things are flowing through my brain. Otherwise how will the ideas and words and thoughts I want to share ever know that I’m truly ready for them to come back?

Today is one of those days.

It’s not always about the way the words create a music all their own or the succinctness of an excellent point. On days like these, it’s about the habit. The doing of the thing even when you’re not sure it really matters to anyone else (or you know for a face that it doesn’t). Sitting at my keyboard matters to me. Typing the words, building the habit, doing the thing…it’s all for me.

And more often than I realize or remember, that’s a perfect acceptable reason to do anything.

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