Rest, Don’t Quit

Sometimes I just don’t want to do anything.

I don’t want to blog, record, film, post something on Instagram, tweet silly things, nothing. I manage to get client work done under a certain amount of self-duress. Earning money and paying the bills overrides most other feelings. But fuuuuuck me, I procrastinate and take my sweet as time doing it.

For a long time I worried that this feeling meant I wasn’t cut out for being a smutlancer or maybe my dreams were just too big (though that’s probably still true). But I’ve learned it’s a sign of fatigue, not failure. It’s better to take a break (even if my brain says I’m “slacking off”) and rest.

A silly meme on Pinterest reminded me of this today. Feeling tired means you need a break to rest, not that you need to quit for good.

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